Which Fuel Pump Brands To Avoid And Why? Smart Choices

Fuel Pump Brands To Avoid
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As car owners, everyone must be knowing that ensuring the performance and durability of the vehicle is of prime importance.

There are many parts in the car engine which play a crucial role in ensuring that the engine runs reliably without any issues.

One such part is the fuel pump which is considered the heart of the vehicle.

When it comes to fuel pump selection for your car, one should not compromise on the quality and reliability of the fuel pump which has a direct correlation with respect to engine performance and durability.

If you are looking for the fuel pump brands to avoid, then Autobest, spectra premium, Airtex, Carter, TYC, precise and GMB are the ones which one shall steer clear of.

This article will help you avoid subpar fuel pump brand options, to ensure optimal vehicle performance. 

Why The Right Fuel Pump Matters?

Before diving into fuel pump brands to avoid, it is essential to understand the function of the fuel pump.

The fuel tank is typically located relatively at a lower position compared to the engine.

So, the fuel pump picks up clean fuel from the fuel tank and supplies it at a predetermined pressure (45 to 50 psi) to the engine which is at a higher position through the inline fuel filter.

The vehicle could come to a halt if the fuel pump either doesn’t provide fuel to the engine or it is supplying fuel at a lower pressure than required.

The performance and consistency of the fuel pump operation is what is a prerequisite for a good vehicle driving experience.

Low-pressure fuel will not help in the proper atomisation of the fuel which is necessary for proper combustion of fuel inside the combustion chamber.

Hence it leads to increased engine emissions and probable check engine light (CEL) getting ON in your dash panel.

Common Mistakes During Fuel Pump Selection

Cheap And Generic Brands

One of the biggest mistake people resort to while selecting a fuel pump is picking up an economical fuel pump to save a few bucks.

While these choices seem tempting but they would lack performance and durability in the long run.

Unrecognized Imports

When it comes to unrecognized imported brands, they may not have strict quality controls, research, and testing in place as a typical OE manufacturer would do.

This leads to poor reliability of the fuel pump and the frustration associated with it.

Counterfeit Products

Nowadays auto stores are flooded with counterfeit products which may seem genuine at first sight but they may not have undergone the same level of testing as an original one and hence won’t have the reliability built into them.

These manufacturers to cut costs and improve profit may use substandard materials and non-optimal design constructions.

Effects Of Using Bad Fuel Pump Brands

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If you are opting for cheap fuel pump brands, they may not supply fuel at the right pressure which would cause incomplete combustion of fuel.

This reduces engine efficiency and leads to higher emissions and loss in fuel economy.

Engine Misfires and Surges

The incomplete fuel combustion also leads to engine misfires, so may experience rough idling and poor throttle response which takes off the driving pleasure and mood.

Premature Engine Wear

The engine misfire would exert undue load on the moving parts of the engine and cause wear and tear of the engine parts.

So it is always wise to spend extra bucks on a well-branded fuel pump rather than landing in costlier engine repairs.

Higher Maintenance Costs

Typically, the fuel pumps are not that expensive, but in the event of poor low-quality fuel pump usage, it may affect many engine parts and you would end up paying higher maintenance costs for your car.

Which Fuel Pump Brands To Avoid?

Below is the list of fuel pump brands to avoid due to the bad reputation that these brands have earned for poor quality and are often not recommended by automotive professionals.


Autobest fuel pumps typically have issues such as early failure, fuel delivery irregularities, and poor build quality. Often it fails to pull fuel from the fuel tank and makes your engine starve while running.

Spectra Premium

Spectra Premium fuel pumps have also been associated with premature failures, leading to engine misfires, surges, engine wear, and other performance issues.


Airtex fuel pumps have been reported to suffer from uncertain failure, causing fuel delivery problems and engine stalling. Airtex will not warranty most of its fuel pumps and blame the customers for installation errors.


Carter fuel pumps have been criticized for poor consistency and unpredictable fuel delivery which impacts engine performance and overall driving pleasure. They typically had issues with varying fuel pressure delivery and high failure rate.


TYC fuel pumps have received criticism for issues like low fuel pressure, engine hesitation, and even engine damage in some cases.


Precise fuel pumps have been known for their low durability life, with premature failures sooner than expected, resulting in unexpected vehicle breakdowns.


GMB fuel pumps have received negative feedback for their unreliable performance, leading to fuel pressure and discharge problems and engine issues.

If you are looking for a good fuel pump brand then you need to do proper research for the type and brand of fuel pump which is trusted by many people.

Some of the trusted brands are Walbro, Delphi, Bosch, Denso, and ACDelco which have a fantastic reputation and reliability.

They are mostly fitted on OEM vehicles. They are not the cheapest but they are like fit and forget kind of fuel pumps.

You may refer vehicle’s manual for the fuel pump recommended by the OEM which is typically best suited for the engine.

Often the engine is tuned to operate for the typical pressure specification of the fuel pump. Hence buying an OE-recommended fuel pump is always a wise option.

Before buying a fuel pump brand, check for reviews and ratings from customers who have already tried one.

If you are buying from retailers then buy from reputed retailers like NAPA or Carquest

Whenever you are planning for fuel pump replacement, never forget to replace the fuel filter as well, since the fuel filter is often found damaged when it is time for fuel pump replacement.

This would prevent fuel injector clogging and would ensure lesser pressure drop across the fuel filter and thereby engine performance.

One cause of the fuel pump going bad is a clogged fuel strainer which comes inbuilt with the fuel pump module and people running the fuel tank down below a quarter level mark.

The low fuel level will also burn up the fuel pump as there won’t be sufficient fuel to cool off the fuel pump.


It is worthwhile to note that fuel pump brand perception varies from person to person.

On a few occasions, these bad brands tend to perform well, but they have so far typically received negative feedback which is attributed to their bad reliability.

Always prioritize quality and reliability to ensure a good driving experience and engine durability and a good life span of your vehicle.

One of the tricky parts about fuel pump replacement is the fuel pump warranty.

Only high-performance fuel pump brands provide a good warranty but they are a bit expensive.

So, before finalizing a fuel pump brand it is advisable to counterbalance between warranty and price.

The fuel pump plays a key role in ensuring a good driving experience and overall engine health.

While it is appealing to select low-cost fuel pump brands, the associated failures will not justify the cost saved.

To ensure that your vehicle operates smoothly and efficiently, invest in a reputable fuel pump brand. Rest assured that you will have peace of mind.

Your vehicle deserves the best care, and every component, including the fuel pump, plays a pivotal role in its well-being. When it comes to fuel pump brands, avoiding questionable brands can save you from a world of trouble.

Happy Motoring!








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